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Ep 83: State of the Sitcom - How I Met Your Mother, with Hey, Beautiful Podcast

April 4, 2019

State of the Sitcom continues...

We push ever forward in our miniseries taking on all things sitcom from I Love Lucy to The Good Place and everything in between!

In our first episode of Season 2 we're joined by Kate & Kaitlyn, the legen....wait for it...DARY hosts of the Hey, Beautiful! A HIMYM Podcast to discuss the perfect (even though perfect isn't always perfect) and multi-layered sitcom, How I Met Your Mother.

We geek out over background jokes and nine-season-long payoffs, console each of us over the powerful, emotional journeys the characters encounter and learn amazing new things about a show which already has so much to offer.  We loved recording this and urge our listeners to find the best burger in NYC (or a substitute) and don't postpone joy, just start listening to Hey, Beautiful Podcast on their amazing journey through HIMYM on Twitter, Instagram and Patreon...

Tune in next week for more special guests and maybe some high school hijinks and shell suit stylings!

Happy Sitcom-ing,

JoJ x

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