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Ep 76: State of the Sitcom - The Serious Side of Sitcoms, with Inside Pop Podcast

June 6, 2018

State of the Sitcom continues...

What happens when the laughs stop? This week the miniseries looks at tears of sadness rather than laughter as we reach episode five.

We're joined by @Amita Patel and @Sean David Johnson, the incredibly insightful and enigmatic hosts of Inside Pop Podcast to discuss what happens when sitcoms try to tackle the big issues.

Diving deep into some well known moments when things got way too real in our favourite sitcoms, we share the tears, the education and the power behind Diff'rent Strokes' The Bicycle Man, Fresh Prince of Bel Air's Papa's Got a Brand New Excuse, Ellen's The Puppy Episode, How I Met Your Mother's Last Words, and many more. We discuss whether the medium is successful at dealing with serious topics, how modern sitcoms tackle the issues differently to the classics and whether Keeping Up Appearances 'made' it in America!

State of the Sitcom will return later in the summer with more special guests and a whole new host of your favourite TV funnies to dissect, your normal JoJCast schedule will resume from next week, with a slight twist ;)

Happy Sitcom-ing,

JoJ x

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